• Genue w950
  • A falling failsafe system

  • Continuous power for constant attachment

  • Knows its limits, keeps cleaning safe

  • Powerful suction fan for a thorough clean

  • Advanced technologies for an effective window cleaning
  • Capable of cleaning various kinds of windows

Cleaning thoroughly, cleaning safely

With a suite of safety features all operating in unison, you need not worry about a thing. Every concern has been addressed, so that WINBOT 950 comes equipped with back-up battery power, a safety pod and tether, edge detection technology and a powerful fan.

Handy remote control

With a handy remote control, WINBOT can be operated and controlled from anywhere. Start, stop, pause or change direction at the push of a button, depending on your needs.


SMART DRIVE for a highly efficient clean

WINBOT 950 adopts proprietary SMART DRIVE system, which allows the handle of WINBOT 950 to rotate 90 degrees, leaving the cleaning pad stationary. Thus, WINBOT 950 can move freely on the window, choosing the most efficient cleaning path. This greatly improves cleaning effectiveness and coverage!

Product parameter

  • Machine weight(kg)
  • Noise(db)
  • Crossing the gap of the joint glass
    Max Width 6mm Max Depth 8mm
  • Mop size
  • Minimum window size(cm)
    45*45 cm
  • Max cleaning height (m)
  • Working time (min)
  • Power cord (m)
  • Safety Rope(m)
  • Extension cord(m)
  • Cleaning solution(ml)

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