• Genue W850
  • intelligent cushion collision plate design

  • safety buckle and safety rope makes it safer

  • The internal structure of the main fan is optimized

  • its service life is prolonged

Amazing reach to keep you off the ladder

With an impressive extension cord and safety cable, WINBOT 850 can clean windows of many shapes and sizes. Your safety is paramount, so sit back and let WINBOT do the windows.

Handy remote control

With a handy remote control, WINBOT can be operated and controlled from anywhere. Start, stop, pause or change direction at the push of a button, depending on your needs.

Capable of cleaning various kinds of windows

WINBOT 850 has innovative features and advanced technology to quickly deliver sparkling clean windows with the touch of a button. The amazing reach of the cord and the 4-stage cleaning process quietly cleans many types of windows.

Product parameter

  • Machine weight:
  • Noise(db):
  • Mop size:
    247*246 mm
  • Minimum window size(cm):
    50*50 CM
  • Max cleaning height (m):
  • Working time (min):
  • Power cord (m):
  • Safety Rope(m):
  • Extension cord(m):
  • Cleaning solution(ml):

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