• Genue E6
  • one key to fold

  • App interconnection

  • powerful motor

  • branded battery

  • shift through multiple gears and learn the scooter condition
  • present you safe and comfortable riding experience

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Modular battery design to fulfil infinite range

External modular battery design enables riders to change the battery,to upgrade range and to maintain the battery easily.

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Ideawheel Customized High Performance Hub Motor

300W powerful customized high performance hub motor, integrated with the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking system, offers more powerful and stable force.

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Patented body design

Participate in Red Dot Award.Light and stable X shaped design enables the 14.15KG body to bear 100KG load,a remarkable combination of structure and material.

Product parameter

  • Size:

    870 * 592 * 996mm
  • Weight:

  • Tire Size:

  • Material:

    magnesuim-aluminium alloy
  • Max.Load:

  • Look&Style:

    matte silver+white+black
  • suitable height:

  • Max speed:

  • Charge Time:

    247.9Wh:about 200min
  • Battery Type:

    Lithium-ion battery
  • Charge Voltage:

    AC100-240V 50-60Hz

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