• Genue D621
  • IP66 Professional Waterproof and Dust-proof

  • 1080P Ultra-Clear Image

  • 15m super night vision

  • Wi-Fi/Wire Double Connection

  • metal shell design fearless of rain and snow weather
  • 75 degree visual angle

electric bike

IP66 professional waterproof, metal shell design fearless of rain and snow weather.

It has the ability of waterproof, dust-proof, wind-proof, heat insulation, anti-jamming, etc. Its performance is more stable, and its service life is effectively improved.

1080P super clear record, faithful record every moment change.

Sony 1080P high-definition image sensor can output 1920*1080 ultra-high resolution image.


75 degree visual angle, wide field of vision, wider monitoring range.

With 6MM size lens, the monitoring angle can reach 75 degrees, and the monitoring distance is 5-30 meters. It can see farther and fresher.

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