• Genue D600
  • Anti-demolition, anti-theft and anti-destruction

  • Remote Video Call

  • Ultra-clear infrared night vision

  • AI Recognition of Faces

  • Using Home Texture Design
  • Fast voice response

electric bike

162 Degree Extra Wide Angle Lens

Equipped with 2.3 megapixel ultra-clear video sensor, combined with 162 degree ultra-wide angle lens, clearly record the dynamic in front of the door, do not miss every key picture.

Built-in large capacity lithium battery

Built-in 5000 mAh super large capacity lithium battery, standby time more than half a year, the endurance performance increased by more than 100%, there is no problem to operate for the cold temperature in winter.


High Fidelity and Large Volume Base Station

The doorbell has built-in high-quality large diameter horn, multi-block bell volume can be adjusted, 5 kinds of bell music can be switched freely, where to ring and where to ring. Even if you watch TV or cooking, you can hear the doorbell ringing.

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